Septic Tank Construction; How Septic Tank is Done…

Septic Tank Construction;  How Septic Tank is Done…

Septic Tank Construction; How Septic Tank is Done…

Septic Tank Construction

It is best to construct a single compartment for small capacity septic tanks. Larger capacities are the best fit for a two-compartment tank. The wall separating the two is about two-thirds the length away from the inlet. It, therefore, perform better than the single compartment tank. The two compartments interconnect above the sludge storage using pipes or square openings.

A concrete or plastic tank is the best to use. The floor and side walls are made using concrete and plastered to render a smooth surface. The floor has a slight slope of 10 per cent towards the sludge outlet. As a result, slung moves out more easily

.Septic Tank Construction

The top cover of a septic tank is watertight and very thick. However, a manhole of relative size is created. This allows inspection and emptying of the tanks.

Maintenance of a septic Tank

Septic tanks should be pumped out every five years to keep the disposal system working properly. However, this may need to be done more often, for example, if they overflow or become blocked. The septic tank effluent should be well and carefully disposed of away so as to prevent any nuisance or danger to public health. This is because it has a foul smell and contains a substantial portion of dissolved organic matter and pathogenic organisms.

While making waste disposal,  an exhauster truck fetches the wastewater from the septic tank using hydraulic power. The track then carries it to land set aside for disposing and treating of the wastewater.

Septic Tank Construction

A septic tank design has to be well really though out so that it will never crack and pollute the groundwater. In addition, they should be able to hold the weight of the wastewater. In addition, it is odourless, more importantly; they should be able to stand any kind of earth movement. A septic tank design should be good and accurate. As a result, it can last up to 50 years of course with good use and maintenance.

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Problem Signs In Septic Tanks

The septic tank will need to be checked if there are signs that it is not working properly.
Septic Tank Construction

Some signs that a septic tank is not working properly are:

  • The sewage in the toilet or the liquid waste from other fixtures flows away very slowly
  • Liquid waste overflows from the disconnector trap
  • Wet areas are seen at the top of the septic tank
  • There is a strong unpleasant smell near the septic tank
  • The grass around the tank is very green and growing well

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