Biodigester in Kenya Quickly Replacing Septic Tanks- Expert View

Biodigester in Kenya Quickly Replacing Septic Tanks- Expert View

Biodigester in Kenya Quickly Replacing Septic Tanks- Expert View

Biodigester in Kenya Plus Cost of Installation.

Biodigester is a decomposition toilet system which decomposes human excretory solid waste in the toilet digester tank using specific high graded bacteria. These waste are converted  into methane gas and water of which water can be discharged  to the desired surface. The biodigester system consists of an inlet that collects black water waste from toilet  into  the septic tank and an outlet that takes away displaced water to the  soak pit.

How Does Biodigester Work

Biodigesters are designed to be incubators to bacteria and to provide all the conditions necessary for aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic waste. An enzyme is put into the tank to catalyze the process. Once installed properly, they function very well and exhausting is completely eliminated.

biodigester toilet

Human waste is largely organic. This can be degraded by bacteria thus reducing the mass of the waste. The water can then be recycled. Biodigesters treat black water. The grey water that leaves the bathrooms, sinks and hand wash basins bypasses the biodigester and can be directed to the soak pit. However, solids, soaps, oils and fats must be removed from this water before recycling. The end product is re-usable products such as water, which can be re-used for flushing toilets and farming after the water treatment.

Biodigester in Kenya

The system does not need to be emptied regularly because the waste that comes out of the ‘Bio-digester’ has been treated so much so that it can be released into the local environment. The system works by storing the untreated waste- allowing the solid waste to fall to the bottom of the tank. Air is then used to agitate the sludge so that aerobic digestion can occur.

The biodigester technology can be used both in residential and commercial properties.  This technologists has been in use for centuries in Europe and it is becoming extremely popular in Kenya.

Biodigester in Kenya quickly replacing septic tanks

Waste management has been one of the major problems to many Kenyans especially for those who live or are putting up homes in urban areas that are not served by proper sewerage facilities. The cost of building  and maintaining septic tank is high but thanks to the new waste management solutions ; Biodigester. The system is fast becoming a go-for waste water management and has been used in well-established waste water treatment firms, water and sewage companies, several municipalities, schools, slaughter houses and commercial and residential estates. Many have testified on how the process has helped them manage their waste. Below are some key advantages of biodigester

Advantages of biodigester

Here are some of the advantages of biodigester as an  on-site sanitation system.

  1. Biodigester Cost Cheaper to install that Septic

The biodigester tank is actually cheaper to install than the cost of constructing a traditional septic tank. On the site, one needs to excavate a hole that is 1.1 meters deep and some trenches. The inspection chambers or manholes required are also few.

Biodigester in Kenya

The system occupies much less space and can be used where space is an issue.

Traditional septic tanks require a much deeper hole and that comes with high costs of excavation. Excavation is also very tricky and expensive in areas that have  a lot of rocks, swampy areas or areas with high water tables as well as areas that have very loose soil.

  1. Little or no maintenance-Requires no Exhausting

Biodigester in Kenya

Exhausting a septic tank is the process of draining it when it is full. This process is undertaken after a number of years depending on the size of the septic tank.This an added expense, not to mention how messy and potentially hazardous it can be.

Unlike traditional septic tanks, the biodigester does not need exhausting. This alone makes the biodigester the best option for dealing with sewer.

  1. Smell Free

This on-site sewer system does not emit any smell whatsoever.

Septic tanks emit a lot of bad smell because gases are released into the atmosphere. Imagine having to live with a foul smell which gets worse with every passing year?

Biodigester in Kenya Quickly Replacing Septic Tanks- Expert View 1

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  1. Can this be used in a pig farm.

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      1. yes it can be done. Contact us on 0722888721

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    2. Contact us on 0722888721

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