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Biogas Digester in Kenya

Biogas Digester in Kenya: Types of Organic Waste Sources for Bio digester Different organic waste have different gas-producing potentials, resulting in varying daily outputs.  One kilogram of waste yields two to three times the amount of biogas than a kilogram of manure, as this has already been digested. The quantity of waste to be digested […]

Biodigester Bacteria Enzymes: Key Benefits  This is a complex compound composed of several beneficial bacterium and enzymes. It is natural, environmental protection and non-toxic. Its primary function is to accelerate decomposing of the organic materials into water and air. When added to the bio-digester system, the beneficial bacteria in it activates and begin to secrete […]

Sizes and types of Biodigesters

Sizes and types of Biodigesters The standard biodigester (1-30 users) (standard) The standard biodigester system is ideal for 1 to 4 families of about 5 to 6 people each in one building block. This can be used in domestic houses, housing estate, office blocks, and workshops                    The […]

How to Get Started with house Construction (Step by Step Guide)

Guide to Get Started with House Construction  Building your new home can be both exiting and tedious. You have to understand the process works and overcome the difficulties & hassles while building your dream home. Considering that you already own the piece of land/plot  in residential zone and with all the necessary documents; The following is a step to […]

Types of construction cost; Top 5 cost categories you must know

Types of construction cost; Top 5 cost categories you must know The cost of construction of a house can be divided into 5 categories. Land Cost: Cost of owning a land parcel for house construction Design Costs: This includes architectural, structural and MEP design of the building Laisoning Costs: Includes fees for county government approvals like government land […]

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