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Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners

Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners Bolts Bolts are usually used alongside nuts in different finish and also every so often using a washer also. All these are designed to be threaded spans made from steel sticks with heads on single conclusion Bolts are made of four kinds such as accessories bolt, and Cap screw, hex […]

Uses of Aluminium; Top 4 Common Uses of Aluminium

Uses of Aluminium: Aluminium is the is known to be one of the most abundant elements on earth and extremely versatility when compared with other metal compare. Aluminium is commonly used in a lot of different sectors and industries. It is quite popular because of the following properties: Properties of Aluminium Strength Durability Lightweight Ductile Malleable […]

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Top 5 Advantages of Aluminium

Aluminium Windows and Doors. Aluminum products is increasingly being used in the construction industry. Aluminium are commonly used to make  aluminium folding doors, aluminium partitions for offices and homes,aluminium swing and sliding doors, aluminium cabinets, aluminium sliding and folding windows aluminium curtain walling,  ,aluminium projecting windows among other usages.  Aluminum fabrication  are often done as […]

Ruff and Tuff  Prices & Advantages of  RUFF N’ TUFF

Ruff and Tuff Exterior Finish From Crown Paints Ruff N’ Tuff is an Acrylic Emulsion formulated to provide multi directional textures on any cementious surface. It incorporates mould resistant biocides, for long protection life and can be applied onto Cement Rendering, plaster, block work, cement, stone, bagwashed and fair faced concrete. It may also be […]

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