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Don’t build to impress your neighbor

Construction Advice: Don’t build to impress your neighbor We know that building home is one of the most exciting and important financial undertakings for you and everyone out there. Here are some helpful advises; 1. Choose your contractor carefully. Hire the best contractor you can afford, ask the contractor for references of past projects he […]

Fridge leaking water inside?

Fridge leaking water inside? Possible solution here If you’re dealing with mystery moisture in your kitchen, a leaky refrigerator could be the culprit. Fortunately, fixing this problem doesn’t require buying a new refrigerator. In fact, you can solve this problem with these simple leaky fridge fixes. Check Your Door Gaskets Faulty seals allow warm air in and cool air […]

List of Construction Cost

List of Construction Cost :5 Major categories The cost of construction of a house can be mainly divided into 5 categories. Land Cost: Cost of owning a land parcel for house construction work 2) Design Costs: This includes architectural, structural and BOQ of the building 3) Approval Costs: Includes fees for government approvals like government […]

Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring ; Top Industrial Flooring Types Industrial Flooring is in great demand and we can broadly classify these floors based on material used. Here are various types of Industrial Floors. Epoxy industrial Flooring Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular choices for industrial workspaces due to its versatility and high durability. This type of […]

Biodigester Kenya

Biodigester Kenya: Advantages of using the Biodigester over Septic Tank Biodigester is a system  designed to be incubators to bacteria and to provide all the conditions necessary for aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic waste. It now gaining popularity in Kenya and quickly replacing septic because of the following advantages: Cheaper to install/pocket-friendly The biodigester […]

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