Container Houses in Kenya

Container Houses in Kenya

Container Houses in Kenya

Container Houses in Kenya; Tips before setting up

Here we highlight key tips to note as you go for a container house ;

  • Make sure you buy containers that are in good condition and that you see them before purchasing.

Container Houses in Kenya

  • Make sure they have not been used to ship hazardous materials like toxic chemicals.
  • See if you can get the newest ones available, like a one-trip container sometimes they don’t cost that much more.
  • Know the relevant regulations in the area where you want to build planning, zoning, and building codes.
  • Use a contractor or contractors who have previously worked with containers.

Container Houses in Kenya

  • Learn how to properly insulate your containers to keep out cold air and the elements like rain.
  • Make sure the containers you purchase are structurally sound, in other words no rust, cracks or too many dents.
  • Make sure they were not sprayed with toxic chemicals such as pesticides or disinfectants.
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