Brick Houses in Kenya. Is it cheaper to build with bricks?

Brick Houses in Kenya. Is it cheaper to build with bricks?

Brick Houses in Kenya. Is it cheaper to build with bricks?

Brick Houses in Kenya; Affordable way to build your Rural Home

Brick houses in Kenya are quite common in rural areas simply because bricks are readily available and can be bought cheaply.  Brick making has been viewed as one of most rapidly-growing industries and in fact, it is one of the most reliable sources of income to many families who own infertile and agriculturally-defective lands. It is also a source of self-employment for youth with little or no formal education.

Brick Houses in Kenya

There are two main catalysts for this growth: the emergence of a middle class, which is driving the demand for better and more permanent houses; and a shortage of employment opportunities among young people.

Kitchen Designs Ideas for your Home

These are the major material components of bricks: Clay or loam soil, dry wood, water and brick-shaping box. Materials are mixed, shaped and burned in an oven to harden

Brick Houses in Kenya

Bricks are quite common in western Kenya. This is because of availability of a type of soil that is suitable for brick making.

Cost of bricks in Kenya

The current price of a brick  in Kenya ranges from Ksh.7-17 depending on the location. Comparatively, it is quite cheaper to build a house with bricks as compared to machine cut.

Brick Houses in Kenya

If you are thinking of building a rural home, consider using bricks.

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  1. Want budget cheap for a rural home please advice

  2. Can we use them to build 2storey house

    1. Yes… You can use upto 20 storey house

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