Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages of BOQ

Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages of BOQ

Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages of BOQ

Bill of Quantities Example (PDF)

What is Bill of Quantities

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a document the construction industry prepared to specify materials, labors, and their cost. It serves as a communication tool between client, consultant & the contractor. It is usually prepared by a cost consultant or a quantity surveyor

Preparing  a BOQ

For the preparation of BOQ, 5 main components are to be considered which are as follows:

  1. Item Description
  2. Unit
  3. Quantity
  4. Rate per unit
  5. Total Amount

bill of quantities example

 Key Advantages of a Bill of Quantities

It provides the details of work

In BOQ all the items or components which will be used in the project are mentioned  with their quantities and estimated cost . Thus we get fare idea of the work & their items.

Bill of Quantities Example

Bill of Quantities can used to evaluate & compare

BOQ  gives  components which will be used in the project and they can be evaluated it thoroughly. On tender projects,  can be used to compare the contractors on the basis of each item. bill of quantities example

Bill of Quantities can help in identifying  the problems before hand

If we know the scope of the work with details of each item, thus we’ll be able to identify the problems that are going to hit the project in the future & will be ready to tackle it in advance.

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Bill of Quantities will help in planning of the project

Planning is the core of every project. BOQ plays a very crucial role in the planning of a project. As the components with their quantities are listed, thus half of the work of the planner is already done. The planning engineer will allocate the resources with their duration and the planning sheet will be ready.

Will act as an efficient tool for limiting the time frame

It will act as an essential tool in management of the project. If the material is available on time thus the work will speed up & will result in completion of the project within the time frame.

Bill of Quantities will reduce the cost of construction

Time and cost in a construction project are directly related the each other. If we are finishing the work within the time frame automatically we will be successful in saving the cost.

Bill of Quantities Example

BOQ  helps in better management of project

The greatest advantage of BOQ is efficient management of work. It would be easy for the management when they are fully aware about the items/components, suppliers, time frame etc.

Bill of Quantities provide Transparency

In BOQ every items/component with their quantities are mentioned, hence everything automatically becomes transparent. There are no chances of corrupt practices.

Example Bills of Quantities Download

Click the below links to download example Bills of Quantities produced by HPD Team.


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